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Quorum Prosthetics, a HiFi™ authorized provider since 2012, has put a new twist on a great design. Using the highly effective patented HiFi™ Interface and Imager System, we are able to secure and stabilized the femur in an AK application more efficiently than other socket designs. The Quatro uses three RevoFit™ dials, allowing for the highest level of adjustably and rapid donning and doffing.

With Quatro Compression Technology

All Day Fit

With three independently adjustable zones, you can control the volume and compression of the socket allowing for superior performance and all day comfort.  

Rapid Donning & Doffing

Drastically shorten socket application time by releasing and expanding the socket.  

Any Socket Application 

The Quatro Compression Socket System can be outfitted on any socket; above or below the knee or elbow.

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The Future Is Now!

The latest technology in 3D printing has arrived! Extremiti3D is a device manufacturer in South Carolina that maintains incredibly high manufacturing and testing standards. These sockets are weight rated to 250lbs and K3 activity level, with further weight testing ongoing and scheduled to be completed soon. You can even choose a color swatch to match skin tone in order to add a bit of personalization.